Tuesday, 04 August 2020

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Close the consulates between America and China

Egyptian News Vision: - Similar to the diplomatic war between China and America, the process of closing consulates between the two countries began, as China closed the United States consulate in Chengdu, three days after the closure of the Chinese consulate in the American city of Houston.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry said in a statement that this decision is "a legitimate and necessary response to the irrational measures of the United States."

"The current state of China-US relations is what China does not want to see, and the United States is responsible for all of this," she added.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry did not mention a deadline to close the mission, while the administration of US President Donald Trump gave the Chinese consulate in Houston 72 hours to leave the Chinese diplomats.

Besides its embassy in Beijing, the United States has five consulates in the cities of Canton, Shanghai, Xinjiang, Chengdu, and Wuhan, as well as in Hong Kong.

The Chengdu Consulate, which opened in 1985, covers all southwest China, especially the Tibet Autonomous Region.

Two hundred employees work, including 150 local employees, according to its website.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo described the Chinese consulate in Houston as a "Chinese spy den" and a "center for theft of intellectual property."

The head of the US Senate Intelligence Committee, Marco Rubio, said that the Chinese consulate in Houston is "at the heart of an extensive network of espionage and CPC operations in the United States."

China has described the accusations as a "pernicious slander".

The decision on the Houston consulate came a day after the US Justice Department accused two Chinese citizens of pirating hundreds of companies and seeking to steal research on a vaccine against the emerging coronavirus.

Then the US Justice Department announced the indictment of four Chinese researchers, who said they had lied about their ties to the People's Liberation Army.

She avoided one of these arrests after taking refuge in the Chinese consulate in San Francisco.


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