Monday, 03 August 2020

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An unknown new explosion in Iran

Egyptian News Vision: - Kerman Shah region in western Iran has witnessed the latest explosions targeting sensitive places in the country during the recent period, and Tehran accuses Israel of being behind these incidents through cyber attacks.

Iranian News Agency Mizan said that an explosion occurred in a fuel tanker at the parking lot in the industrial region of Dolotabad, but there were no reports of human injuries.

Here is a list of fires and explosions that occurred in Iran, the most recent of which is the Kerman Shah explosion: -

  • On June 26, an explosion east of Tehran occurred near the Parchin military base, and the authorities said the cause of the explosion had leaked from a gas facility in an area outside the base.
  • Tehran recorded an explosion at a medical facility north of the capital, Tehran, killing 13 people and injuring 6 others.
  • In early July, Iranian authorities confirmed that an "accident" had destroyed a building under construction near the Natanz nuclear power plant, and Iranian officials indicated that the accident had not damaged its reactor.
  • As the end of the first week of July approached, an explosion occurred in Baqer Shahr, south of the capital, Tehran, killing at least two people and wounding three, in addition to financial losses inside the factory, and neighboring buildings.
  • The explosions developed to reach the residential buildings, as a new explosion was rocked by a gas leak in a building in the Iranian capital, Tehran, and injured one person.
  • With the end of the second week of July, Iran announced an explosion in one of the factories producing gas condensate in the Koyan Industrial Zone of Freeman, 75 km from the northeastern city of Mashhad.
  • On July 12, a fire destroyed a petrochemical facility in the southwest of the country, as witnesses confirmed, on July 11, that loud explosions were heard in the cities of Qarmadarh and Quds, west of Tehran, one of which caused a blackout, which was denied by the authorities in Iran.
  • On July 19, Iranian media confirmed that a major fire broke out at Bushehr Port, noting that at least 7 ships were burning in a floating factory south of the port, without casualties.


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