#Vision, Dubai United Arab Emirates:- The Central Bank of Egypt said that, with reference to the pictures circulating on news sites and social media of the new “polymer” coins, denominations of ten and twenty pounds, the Central Bank of Egypt confirms that the circulated models have not been approved definitively and that they are still in the process of development and modification.

#Vision, Dubai United Arab Emirates:- The Igborough power plant, in North Yorkshire, England, was built in 1967 and was decommissioned in 2018. Four of its eight towers, built with 11,000 tons of reinforced concrete, were demolished.

#VISION, Mohammed Nizar’s new filmSelahy, by director Alaa Zebara, has been officially selected to compete within the Competition Shorts at the Bentonville Film Festival, which is led by the renowned Geena Davis.  Set to take place from the 2nd to the 8th of August, the festival has also announced the 2021 selections for its narrative and documentary film competitions. Written and directed byAlaa Zabara, Selahy stars Mohammad Nizar and Malak Nassar.

#VISION, Cairo - MAD Solutions is releasing Gaza Mon Amour by twin brothers Tarzan and Arab Nasser in a number of Arab countries, starting with Egypt where it will have screenings at Zawya cinema as of Wednesday, August 4. Recently, the film nabbed the Critics’ Choice Award withinthe International Competition for Feature Films at the 35th Fribourg International Film Festival in Switzerland, raising the film's tally to 10 international awards in total.

#Vision, German authorities found heavy weapons dating back to World War II in the basement of the home of a retired German in the Heikendorf suburb of the northern German city of Kiel in 2015, after searching the properties for artworks dating back to the Nazi era.

#VISION-ONLINE, Cairo - Egyptian actress Tara Emad has teamed up with the celebrated Azza Fahmy Jewellery trademark to be their brand ambassador for the new 2021 summer collection ‘El Nur’.

#Vision, #Daily_Times, A week after the president of Tunisia, Kais Saied, announced the extraordinary decisions, and some media in Tunisia accused Egypt of being behind what supporters of the Islamic "Ennahda" movement call a "coup" against legitimacy, the constitution and democracy, Cairo's comment on what the Tunisian country is going through.

#Vision, After his return from his space trip, the first media appearance of the American billionaire, Bill Gates, was at the Olympic Games in Japan 2020, announcing that he had chosen the Egyptian knight, Nile Nassar, to be the second person to support him after his daughter's husband.

#Vision, The competition between China and the United States of America always carries news that only includes accusations from Washington against Beijing, starting with the G5 Internet, all the way to the Corona virus, which was the cause of a global pandemic, research is still underway, in the vicinity of the Wuhan city laboratory.

#Vision, Dubai United Arab Emirates:- Ethiopia's attempts to monopolize the water of the Nile and control its flow to Sudan and Egypt ended in a haphazard manner, due to technical defects in the Renaissance Dam, the centerpiece of the regional dispute between the Nile Basin countries.

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