Vision Egypt News: - South Korean group BTS released their new album "Be" and also released a video clip for the song "Life Goes On" from the same album.

The song "Life Goes On" was a huge hit on YouTube, and had more than 34 million views as of writing, in just 9 hours.

Vision Egypt News: - The Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence (AI2) has launched a research model called Symantec Scholar (Semantic Researcher) to help researchers in the field of artificial intelligence to view a summary of new research and studies in this field, which saves their time and effort.

Vision Egypt News: - Michaela Souza, one of the virtual characters designed using artificial intelligence, is a product of the technology company "Brud" in Los Angeles, and has programmed it to simulate the level of natural human consciousness.

Vision Egypt News: - American businessman, Elon Musk, outperformed Mark Zuckerberg, founder of "Facebook", according to Bloomberg.

Vision Egypt News: - The United Nations Children's Fund "UNICEF" issued a report entitled "Avoiding the loss of the Covid generation", in which it warned of the negative repercussions and harms on children as the Corona pandemic enters its second year.

Vision Egypt News: - The oldest French consul in Morocco, Denis Francois, committed suicide at his residence in the consulate located on Freedom Street in Tangiers, where his body was found.

Vision Egypt News: - US sanctions await all organizations that participate in the boycott campaign of Israel, to cut aid to these organizations, according to what US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said to Netanyahu.

Vision Egypt News: - The female "New Kim" surpassed the male "Armando" and achieved a "world record" after a pigeon enthusiast bought her for 1.6 million euros, while the price of "Armando" in 2019 was 1.25 million euros.

Vision Egypt News: - Zinc is essential for multiple cellular functions including immunity, and it helps people suffering from pneumonia, acute respiratory infections, and the common cold.

Vision Egypt News: - A young Indonesian coffin maker, Joshua Hotaga Lang, 33, was making a coffin outside his home in Kunlang when a boulder weighing 2.1 kilograms fell on the roof of the house, suddenly.

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