Wednesday, 21 October 2020

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Vision Egypt News: - The "Science Alert" magazine quoted a study in which the researcher specializing in immunology at Emory University, Matthew Woodruff, published by "Nature" magazine, reported that Corona caused a shift in immunity in some people, and their immune system became more dangerous than the virus.

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Vision Egypt News: - When the 25-year-old Russian woman, Luiza Luisa Gadzhiyeva, wanted to buy new shoes when she did not have the money for it.

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Vision Egypt News: - Israel announced that it would not allow the United States of America to sell F-35 fighters to Qatar, according to what was stated in a statement by Israeli Intelligence Minister Eli Cohen on Army Radio.

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Vision Egypt News: - The Lebanese artist, Amar, shared her followers on the international photo exchange site "Instagram", with a wonderful collection of photos.

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Vision Egypt News: - After the introduction of artificial intelligence to the manufacture of drones, the laws that determine their use will be outdated, and the authorities in any country will not be able to control the use of these types of aircraft that could spy or carry out acts that fall under the law.

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Vision Egypt News: - The Egyptian artist, Samir Sabry, revealed that he had met the Israeli, Assaf Yaghuri, who was captured during the October 1973 War between Egypt and Israel.

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