Wednesday, 21 October 2020

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Vision Egypt News: - After the US President, Donald Trump and his wife were infected with the Corona virus, the White House said that the president's morale is good, and he showed slight symptoms.

Published in East

Vision Egypt News: - The Israeli Minister of Tourism, Asaf Zamir, has resigned and said: "I am concerned that the state is on the verge of complete collapse, and it is clear to me that this will not change as long as Netanyahu remains prime minister."

Published in Travel and Tourism

Vision Egypt News: - "It is like learning the driver’s manual before starting the car. Through this step, the smart system builds a knowledge base to rely on, so that it does not start from a blind spot in search of the correct answer."

Published in net&tech

Vision Egypt News: - After the characteristic of jinx that was haunted by the Emirati artist, Hussein Al Jasmi, the trait of shame came that made him a trend of social networking sites, while he did not sin.

Published in Celebrity

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