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Vision Egypt News: - The "Noon Post" published a video on Twitter without a voice and only put an Arabic translation, and said that this is the first confession of the British girl, Caitlin McNamara, who accused the UAE Minister of Tolerance, Nahyan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan, of raping her.

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Saturday, 24 October 2020 10:33

Paradoxes of the American Election

Vision Egypt News: - The American presidential elections are full of paradoxes and wonders, and here we list the ten most amazing wonders throughout history: -

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Vision Egypt News: - North Korea is in a state of panic due to seasonal yellow dust coming from China, especially with the spread of the Corona virus, which may destroy the isolated country.

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Vision Egypt News: - The State Secretary for the Polish Presidency announced the injury of the President of the Republic Andrzej Duda; The 48-year-old, with the emerging coronavirus.

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Vision Egypt News: - The reconciliation between the Lebanese artists Qamar and the Syrian, Angie Khoury, came in the form of an electronic signature on a bikini swimsuit, thus expressing tolerance between two girls who kept on appearing in a tempting and bold manner.

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Have explosions occurred in the UAE oil fields?
¿Se han producido explosiones en los campos petrolíferos de los EAU?
هل وقعت إنفجارات في حقول النفط الإماراتية؟
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Have explosions occurred in the UAE oil fields?

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