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Vision Egypt News: - If the world is busy finding a vaccine for the Coronavirus, a scientific study has drawn to an unconventional cycle of the virus between age groups, as the infection begins in the young.

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Vision Egypt News: - The British Journal of Nutrition published the results of a study on the effect of consuming coffee before breakfast. Researchers monitored the effect of a number of factors on health such as interrupted sleep and drinking coffee in the morning, in addition to a number of other factors that disrupt the metabolism (metabolism) or what Known as "metapolism".

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Vision Egypt News: - In the far north of Antarctica, the danger threatens scientific and military bases from several countries, including Argentina, Chile and Britain, due to the unprecedented rise in temperatures, three decades ago.

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Vision Egypt News: - The spiritual leader of the Yezidi community in Iraq, Baba Sheikh, died at the age of 87, the keeper of the temple for a quarter of a century.

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Vision Egypt News: - According to Israeli intelligence reports, the Lebanese Hezbollah is working to produce accurate missiles for use in the war against it, and that training on these missiles and missiles is taking place in Iran, while the project is taking place in three sites in the Jnah neighborhood in Beirut that the party previously presented as civilian sites.

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