Wednesday, 21 October 2020

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Vision Egypt News: - The Saudi blogger and the "Snapchat" star, Al-Anoud Al-Issa is still exploiting the interest of her followers to stir up controversy, and a bold appearance that some described as shamelessly.

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Vision Egypt News: - The Egyptian mission operating in the Saqqara area recorded a new archaeological discovery that was in several stages, including a large number of amulets, shabti statues and archaeological finds.

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Vision Egypt News: - Why did the Emirati beauty expert, Bader Khalaf, known as "Cake", not shave his mustache and beard before announcing that he had turned into a female?

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Vision Egypt News: - The blind Bulgarian fortune teller, Vanga did not specifically talk about Donald Trump, but her expectations were correct, and her prophecy was fulfilled as the US President was infected with the Coronavirus.

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Vision Egypt News: - If you suffer from defects in the teeth such as curvature, protrusion, or crowding, and you want to have beautifully arranged teeth, do not hurry so that you do not lose your teeth forever.

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Vision Egypt News: - Jana Amr Diab called her Instagram followers to her bedroom and presented them with a gift that everyone loved.

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