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Vision Egypt News: - Another Day in Baghdad by director Maysoon Pachachi will be part of the MAFF Market Forum within Malmo Arab Film Festival (October 8-13). The film has been selected to compete at the festival's Post-production Platform. This year the festival's market forum and industry platform will present monetary awards that are worth over $140,000 in total.

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Vision Egypt News: - Like any virus that infiltrates the new Corona into the respiratory system without the person showing any symptoms or pain, and the reason for this is reached by a new study.

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Vision Egypt News: - The Emirati singer, Ahlam, volunteered to be among those undergoing an experimental anti-virus vaccine test for the emerging corona virus, which is being developed by the UAE Ministry of Health.

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Vision Egypt News: - While the Saudi government affirms its commitment to international trade, investment agreements and free trade, and that the official authorities in the Kingdom have not imposed any restrictions on Turkish goods, there are calls from Saudi non-governmental organizations to boycott.

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Vision Egypt News: - After what was rumored about the health of the American president after he was infected with the Corona virus, and was transferred to the hospital by military plane, Donald Trump was released from the hospital to refute all of this.

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Vision Egypt News: - Artificial intelligence has achieved tremendous medical success after being trained to diagnose diseases with similar symptoms, especially chest and respiratory diseases such as Covid 19, common pneumonia and lung cancer.

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