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Vision Egypt News: - The US Central Command announced the arrival of the B-52H bombers capable of carrying nuclear warheads to the Middle East, where the US military deployed them on a long mission, less than two months before the departure of the outgoing US President Donald Trump.

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Vision Egypt News: - The expected price of the Coronavirus vaccine produced by Moderna was revealed, especially since the cost of production is close to the cost of the flu vaccine itself, which ranges between $ 10 and $ 50.

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Vision Egypt News: - The Chinese city of Hong Kong gives an incentive reward to every person infected with the Coronavirus in order to encourage people to have a medical examination, according to what the Minister of Health there, Sophia Chan, said.

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Vision Egypt News: - The hypothetical conference "The Future of Media in the World", organized by the Egyptian Ministry of State for Information, resulted in a number of recommendations, which were classified into first: technical recommendations, and second: value recommendations.

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Sunday, 22 November 2020 12:42

Download the "ACR" and "Velieve" apps.

Vision Egypt News: - After the introduction of artificial intelligence technology, applications installed on smartphones have become a private doctor who diagnoses disease cases in light of the closure that the world is experiencing due to the Corona pandemic.

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Vision Egypt News: - A report issued by the Oxford Insights and International Development Research Center, covering about 172 countries.

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