Thursday, 22 October 2020

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Egyptian News Vision: - The security services in Egypt continue to examine what came in a video broadcast by a girl called Amy Ali on social media, who claimed that her uncle raped her when she was 6 years old, while she was staying at her grandmother in Alexandria, and that for 8 continuous years.

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Egyptian News Vision: - The fashion magazine "Vogue" has published pictures of models in the "Al-Ula" district of Medina, appearing in bold clothing.

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Egyptian News Vision: - During an interview with the American-speaking Spanish station, Telemundo Notethias; US President Donald Trump has promised to take measures aimed at facilitating "dreamers" of immigrants who entered US childhood territory to acquire American citizenship.

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Egyptian News Vision: - The pharaohs of Egypt believed in resurrection and the return of the soul to the body, and they aspired to eternity, and they had what they wanted, as the world is still talking about them after the lapse of 7 thousand years.

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Egyptian News Vision: - Microsoft founder Bill Gates participated in a virtual conference on "Covid-19" organized by the International AIDS Association, and issued a warning about the Corona virus vaccine.

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Egyptian News Vision: - After the World Health Organization recently warned that the Coronavirus is being transmitted through the air, the journal "Materiel Today Physics" published a scientific paper for a team of researchers from the University of Houston in Texas, through which they announced that they could invent an air filter that kills the new Coronavirus. Immediately within a few seconds.

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Egyptian News Vision: - CEO of Tesla Electric Vehicles, billionaire Elon Musk became the seventh richest person in the world, after his wealth increased by $ 6.07 billion, after a jump of 10.8 percent in the company's shares.

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Egyptian News Vision: - Australian police officers chased a van in the Australian state of Queensland, after noticing that it was traveling very quickly on a crowded street, and after they forced the driver to stand on the side of the road, it was found that a serious matter was happening to him.

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