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Egyptian News Vision: - Tunisian blogger Amna El Sharqi, 27, faces a six-month prison sentence for insulting sanctities, advocating and inciting hatred between religions, races and populations, which is a judicial ruling that can be appealed.

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Egyptian News Vision: - As talks between Ethiopia, Egypt, and Sudan about the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam reached a dead end, it seems that this stalling is only a maneuver during the rainy season until the dam becomes full.

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Tuesday, 14 July 2020 18:28

A huge fire on the Cairo-Ismailia road

Egyptian News Vision: - The "Shuqair - Mostorod" crude oil pipeline, east of the Egyptian capital, was broken, and a car was set on fire, and injuries and losses occurred in several cars, which happened to pass on the road.

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Egyptian News Vision: - "This is the most important event since the launch of the satellite (Horizon 16)," said Amnon Harari, head of the Space Department at the Israeli Security Ministry, commenting on the arrival of the first image taken after activating all major systems and operating the camera.

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