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Egyptian News Vision: - The Egyptian police arrested a specialized cell in the fabrication of media reports on Egypt, operating in the city of Alexandria on the orders of the Muslim Brotherhood, which is classified as a terrorist organization and is banned in the country.

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Egyptian News Vision: - Qamar Gul, a 15-year-old Afghan girl, partnered with her younger brother, Habibullah, and avenged their Taliban parents.

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Egyptian News Vision: - To explore the environment of Mars and find features for life, China launched a probe aboard the Long March-5 missile from Wenchang Space Launch Center on the coast of the island of Hainan, south of the country.

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Egyptian News Vision: - The prosecution office in Egypt decided to imprison Mohamed Waziri, the former director of works of the Lebanese artist, Haifa Wehbe, for four days pending the investigation, after he was accused of fraud, theft, and seizing her money.

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Egyptian News Vision: - At the request of the American authorities, the Cypriot authorities arrested the brother of the Lebanese actress, Maya Diab, and extradited him to the United States of America.

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L'incendie du camp d'Ilovage en Afrique centrale et l'expulsion de 8 500 personnes déplacées
The burning of the Ilovage camp in Central Africa and the expulsion of 8,500 displaced people
El incendio del campo de Ilovage en África Central y la expulsión de 8.500 personas desplazadas
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