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Egyptian News Vision: - For the first time, the sounds of Muslim prayer rituals mixed with church bells, and Friday is closer to Sunday in Greece, where churches rang their bells to coincide with Friday prayers in “Hagia Sophia” in Turkey, after Recep Tayyip Erdogan turned it from museum to mosque, after having It was a church previously.

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Egyptian News Vision: - The Saudi girl, Al-Anoud Al-Issa, confirmed that the nude photos posted on social media are correct and that her ex-boyfriend, Nasser Al-Otaibi, is the only man who has these pictures because he is the one who photographed them himself.

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Egyptian News Vision: - Similar to the diplomatic war between China and America, the process of closing consulates between the two countries began, as China closed the United States consulate in Chengdu, three days after the closure of the Chinese consulate in the American city of Houston.

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Egyptian News Vision: - Carson, California, is hosting an important sporting encounter, with the boxing match between the two legends, Mike Tyson and Roy Jones, Jr.

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Egyptian News Vision: - The Nigerian police freed 15 children from a non-formal school for memorizing the Qur'an in Niger State, who were being tortured, and the preacher who ran the teacher, named Omar Ahmed, aged 46, was arrested.

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Egyptian News Vision: - American eye specialist, Jenna Phelps, 21, decided to turn into a dog, finding that the path to money and fame passes through an account in OnlyFans, where she publishes her videos, for a subscription of $ 20 per month, and has millions of views!

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Egyptian News Vision: - The US Central Command confirmed that American fighters intercepted an Iranian airliner belonging to the airline "Mahan" in Syrian airspace, and said on its official account on "Twitter": "We conducted a routine air mission at a distance of 1000 meters from an Iranian plane, and the air mission was carried out while the plane was over Al-Tanf military base. "

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