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Corona effect on smokers

Egyptian News Vision: - A study of the effect of coronavirus and COVID 19 infection on smokers, conducted at the University of Texas Health Science Center University of Technology, demonstrated that smokers experience neurological disorders, and another in an area known as "cerebral vascular" when infected with the Coronavirus.

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Egyptian News Vision: - After about 16 million cases of coronavirus were recorded around the world, the virus penetrated the fortified castle, where the first virus was recorded in North Korea, five months after the suffering of the world.

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Egyptian News Vision: - The Saudi activist, Hind Al-Qahtani, revealed that some of her followers sent her pictures of their genitals, and that came after one of her pornographic comments was accidentally posted to one of her followers, then she apologized for that.

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Egyptian News Vision / Awad Salam / As the Parliament of the Tunisian People enters the holiday, with the beginning of August 2020, when its second session begins in October 2020, it is expected that it will hold an extraordinary session at the request of the President of the Republic, Qais Saeed, to vote on granting confidence to the government that will be formed by the Minister of Interior of the Tasir government The business, Hisham Al-Mishishi, after he assigned him to form an alternative government for the resigned headed by Elias Al-Fakhakh.

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