Thursday, 22 October 2020

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Egyptian News Vision: - An Egyptian person imprisoned his sister for 22 years, and the 50-year-old did not release her from detention until after the neighbors filed a complaint against him to the police.

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Egyptian News Vision: - The air force of one of the anti-militia and mercenary forces backed by Turkey bombed the Al-Wattia air base 140 kilometers southwest of Tripoli.

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Egyptian News Vision: - The Egyptian media, Asala Kamal, published a video on the application "Tik Tok", apparently during a dance training session, and commented on the video saying: "When you finally meet your favorite tik-to-star."

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Egyptian News Vision: - Despite everything that was raised about the relationship of the Fifth Network with several deadly diseases, this was no reason for Britain to decide to get rid of the Chinese Huawei equipment, according to what was expected by the British newspaper "Daily Telegraph".

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Egyptian News Vision: - The body of the Egyptian artist, Rajaa El-Gedawy, who died after about a month and a half months of conflict with the Coronavirus, was buried in health procedures, protected by preventive medicine, in the presence of a limited public presence.

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