Part series on the history of mankind, Episode I: the creation of Adam

October 13, 2016

In the name of Allah the Merciful

Peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad, the prophet of God Secretary


We start with you first episodes in the study of history, we’ll start date from the beginning of creation, and we will not start from the ground, but will start from the sky

In heaven, God Almighty, was not with him something, the first is the Almighty.

The throne, the first of God's creations, then after a time, God created the pen.

God said to him writing, He said what I write what I write, O Lord, Allah said: Write what was and, what is to be the Hour.

Everything that I write, everything we have created as much, everything was written by God before He created the heavens and the earth fifty thousand years.

After the pen for fifty thousand years, God's ear to create the heavens, and seven earths, mountains, rivers and where, after that God created the heavens and the earth in six days, after the creation of the heavens and the earth and the mountains and the sea and the sun, moon, planets and stars, God created the earth created what he called the jinn.

Jinn were some people in the ground spoilers, Shedding blood and mischief in the land, even the angels were coming and keep them, and punish and sometimes trap them in some islands in the sea.

Then, after the jinn, God Almighty, then, that creates a new creation,

{Taking your Lord said to the angels: I will create a Khalifa in the earth}

Angels want to ask, Is this new creation will be like gin in his corruption and shed blood in the destruction of this land.

{Do they make them from mischief therein and shed blood, while we praise and cherish you}

Lord, if you want the creatures to worship you, we adore you, O Lord did not create ethics do as I have done Gin.

God Almighty said responding to a question Angels.

{Said I know what you do not know}

The angels were not aware that this new creation will be the prophets and the martyrs, and the righteous people and loved ones of Rahman Almighty that he created a new.

When he wanted God to create Adam, peace be upon him, it issued an order to the owners of the angels to go to the dust of the earth.

It takes all the dust of the earth something, this was collected dust and the dirt was black and white, red and yellow of it.

It became the sons of Adam were different colors and different temperament became black and white of them, red and yellow.

And it became of them were easy and difficult and the good of them, including malignant.

Creation of Adam from the dust on a Friday, Then moisten with water and became clay, And it remained that way for so then increased cohesion became mud.

Then changed its smell became mud "elderly", Then, after a time become like pottery cava Thus the creation of Adam peace be upon him.

Adam remained that way for so,

{We created the human strain of mud}

This is the soil in which it is stepping it our origin, created man from dust, then became mud,

{Taking Lord said to the angels:

I will create man from clay of black mud}

This creation of Adam, peace be upon him,

{If I created and breathed into him of my soul

Caught him prostrate}

This is the origin of the creation of Adam to create on this case, and it blows the spirit under years on this case, Angels were watching and wary, what is this creature? And how would it be?

Devil himself was swirling around him, Included in the stomach, then he goes out and seen, Fear and envy him and say to the angels, Do not worry, it's hollow, and the Lord is not hollow.

I can be spoiled, Satan is challenging, and the angels watching, and God commands, if breathed into the spirit to worship him.

How it will blow Spirit. And what will happen to Adam if breathed into the spirit.

It began a great moment a new history of human beings; it is the beginning of human history, Moment puffing began in the spirit of Adam peace be upon him.

Everyone in the appropriate alpha Top awaits it great moments, that celebrate terribly great position moments.

Began the Spirit apply to the head of Adam, Has begun to look to open his eyes, Turn right and left what looked It's paradise, It is off it its trees and rivers reached, Spirit reached the nose of Adam, Sneezes, The angels said, 'O Adam Say: Praise be to God, He said, Praise be to God, God said: Lord, bless,

Spirit descended into Adam's body, Coveted fruits of paradise, is coveted eating them, if Adam peace be upon him cursing and prance, and spirit what amounted to his feet wants to reach the fruits of paradise, hasty,

{Created man from precipitating}

When Completed spirit in Adam, peace be upon him and started walking and angels look and everyone awaits,

God said, 'O Adam look at those angels Go to them, tell Hello walked Adam and reached the angels said, peace be upon you responded angels, saying Peace be upon you and God's mercy and blessings be upon, domesticated angels Adam peace be upon him, what a moment it is the beginning of human history.

Allah said: O Adam They greet you and salute your offspring after you, God scan on the back of Adam, all his descendants came down from Adam until the Hour.

Imagine, how much are the offspring of Adam from his creation until you have time? How are the billions that landed her spirits?

I, you and you and all those who hear pitched that day, The people of Paradise and the people of Hell, Adam looked at them peace be upon him.

God addressed all the offspring of Adam, He tells them, are not your God, All human beings said: Yes, we are witnessing on this,

God said to them: Do not come Judgment Day to say that we were oblivious to all this, its instinct rooted in the hearts.

{Taking Lord of the sons of Adam,

From their backs their descendants and testified

On themselves not your Lord said yes,

We have seen that you say the Day of Judgment,

We were on this oblivious}

Encroachment in the hearts, Do not deny the Day of Judgment when Astoy creation of Adam,

Now, it is the implementation of any order, If breathed into him of spiritual worship him, If all the angels both, in the sky, all the appropriate alpha top all the angels led by Jibril, all bowed down to Adam respect for him in honor of this creature, and in response to the command of Allah Almighty.

{So the angels prostrated all of them together}

Only one creature, It was not the angels, God, make them, Has existed strayed flat seen around him, seen angels bowing down but is left standing, God asked him, and He knows it, O Iblis,

{What you should not be with those who worship}

{Said I was not to prostrate to humans}

I worship to this creature?

{Said I did not Kneel to humans created from clay}

I am a creature of fire worship for those who create from clay.

God responded to the devil,

{Said then get out, you are accursed

If you curse the Day of Judgment}

Complete the dialogue God and the devil,

{Told him you created me from fire

And created from clay}

God threw him out of the Pleroma, Expelled from the upper position, in which he was the devil, Was honored for many years for a long time, So God made him live with the angels,

But now it expelled them,

{Said then get out,

You are accursed if you curse the Day of Judgment}

One thing, Satan did not respond to the God, Befell him curse, for how long? To the Day of Judgment, After that God expelling the devil from the top of the kingdom, and for him, this is the dreaded malignant, did not ask God for forgiveness and pardon and forgiveness, If ordered from God and repented, God accepted him, If he repents, God meant it, but he asked another request,

Ask for what?

Let me live, O God

Why, and for how long?

The Day of Resurrection,

God responded to him with that infidel with that cursed, and God gave him what he wanted,

{Said you theorists}

Satan said,

{Then I come to them in their hands

And behind them and on their right hand

And their left}

Did’t say from above them because he knows that God is above them,

{Then I come to them in their hands and behind them

And on their right hand and their left

And can’t find most of them thankful}

God Almighty said, Knocked out of them, and rejected, those who follow you of them, Which one of the following you, O mankind Satan will fill Hell with you all to fill hell with you, O Satan and those who follow you from the sons of Adam wholes,

God gave Satan's offspring in the land of the demons all follow the devil, He has a great army of demons to fight the whole Adam and his sons,

God said,

{And attracted to you can

Them voice and bring their horses as yours

And your legs and share in the wealth and children

And promised them and what devil only delusion}

Satan said: Your glory and glory response Almighty God over Satan, he said: O Iblis, will forgive them if forgiveness will make him astray, As for Adam, God has introduced Paradise, ate fruit and drank from rivers and avail himself of a shadow, if you don’t naked, and you do not thirst nor sacrifice,

However, Adam felt lonely, and he received some concern how to live in this bliss lonely?

Adam slept, and when he woke up he saw a woman with him,

Who are you?

I am a woman,

Who brought you?

Created me God,

And why the creatures?

Created me to live to me,

{O people, fear your Lord who

Created you from a single soul}


{And creating them her husband}

Angels asked Adam, O Adam, what is her name, the Angels want to be tested Adam, he knows all the names, or not,

O man, what is her name,

Adam said: It's Eve,

The angels said: did Eve,

He said,

Because they are created from a living thing, it has created Eve from Adam's rib peace be upon him, that he sumptuously now with Eve with the wife in this paradise rivers, trees, fruits bliss is sweeter this paradise.

Where they live Adam and his wife Eve,

{O Adam, dwell you and your spouse

Paradise both in terms of if you like}

Everything as Halal in this paradise, rivers, fruit, its resources, its shades, everything Halal, only one thing,

What is?

What do you think of this tree? not approaching them, Beware of approaching them,

God did not forbid them from eating, but he said: Don’t come near them, but eating it is greater than the mere proximity of this tree, And oh man, you and Eve Beware of a third person will live between you is the enemy who has vowed to expel you from this paradise, Will be whispers and plotted and tempted, Beware and your wife to ratify his Loyal Adam,

{This is an enemy to you and your

Wife do not expel you from paradise will miserable}

Is Adam, peace be upon him will be convinced by order of God Almighty? And convince paradise? The leaves of this tree? Or is it going with a rope that Satan and the devil, How will the devil whispers to Adam, peace be upon him ?,and is located in the coerced and eat from the tree, How I will mislead Eve the wife of Adam? What are the first round and what events and what's going to happen next?

This is, what will we do in the next episode

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