Sunday, 12 July 2020

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  • July 12, 2020
  • East

Egyptian News Vision: - The Egyptian frigates used "Harpoon" missiles to sink a landing ship in the Mediterranean Sea with one blow, and the Egyptian armed forces photographed the moment of the strike carried out by the navy.

  • July 10, 2020
  • East

Egyptian News Vision: - German media revealed that in December 2019, the police opened an investigation against an employee suspected of "working for years on behalf of an Egyptian intelligence service."


Egyptian News Vision: - An Egyptian person imprisoned his sister for 22 years, and the 50-year-old did not release her from detention until after the neighbors filed a complaint against him to the police.


Egyptian News Vision: - The Egyptian media, Asala Kamal, published a video on the application "Tik Tok", apparently during a dance training session, and commented on the video saying: "When you finally meet your favorite tik-to-star."


Egyptian News Vision: - Huge crimes occurred this week between Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, and Jordan, ranging from killing, rape, burning, and suicide.


Egyptian News Vision: - The National Bank of Egypt announced the decline in the price of the dollar against the pound since the beginning of the week by 4 piasters at once from 16.21 for purchase and 16.11 for sale at the end of the last week of June 2020, to 16.17 for purchase and 16.07 for sale, according to the official MENA news agency.


Egyptian News Vision: - The Executive Board of the International Monetary Fund agreed on a new credit preparedness agreement worth $ 5.2 billion, which lasts 12 months, to help Egypt cope with the repercussions of the Corona Virus pandemic, and compensate for the budget and balance of payments.


Egyptian News Vision: - An Iraqi national husband agreed with one of his employees; He should rape his wife, an Egyptian, called Iman Adel, and photograph, expose, divorce, and deprive her of her rights.


Egyptian News Vision: - The honorary professor of archeology at the University of Toledo, James Harrell, told Life Science that what the American researcher in archeology, Angela Miquel, announced about the discovery of two new sites for other pyramids in Egypt, but they are only wishes by an ignorant observer with excessive imagination.


Egyptian News Vision: - Egypt will gradually resume air traffic in all its airports with some countries, after the aircraft have been sterilized with some other precautionary measures, such as providing dry meals and canned drinks only, and banning the distribution of publications and folders on the plane.

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