Vision Egypt News: - In what is considered the worst case of miscarriage of justice in Britain, the accused was arrested in the bombing of two restaurants in Birmingham 46 years ago, a day before commemoration of the attack that killed 21 people and injured 200 others.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Vision Egypt News: - The case of "The Butcher of Egypt" became the talk of the forums, especially that the accused used to deal with his victims like the most famous slaughter of Egypt, "Raya and Sakina", as he used to bury the victims in his house in Giza Governorate, south of Cairo.

Egyptian news vision: - Miss Ulyanovsk, Russia's Natalya Dolganovskaya, entered the store and headed straight to the vegetable and fruit department, shouting, "I hate women."

Egyptian news vision: - William received a guest named Granville Ritchie, with one of his friends at his home in Florida, and he took them for a walk outside the house with his daughter Felicia, aged nine years.

Egyptian news vision: - The retrial of al-Masry, Mohsen al-Sukkari, the murderer of the Lebanese actress, Suzan Tamim, did not enjoy the same media aura that the decision to release him received within the presidential pardon.

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