Vision, United Arab Emirates: - Russian dancer Joharah managed to escape from a hotel after a one-year prison sentence was passed against her, on charges of inciting immorality and immorality.

The dancer, Jawhara, suddenly disappeared from a hotel in downtown Hurghada, after she learned that the security services were looking for her, one day after she published photos of her, in a photo session at the El Mina Grand Mosque in Hurghada.

Dubai, Daily Times: - The Egyptian actress, Yasmine Sabry, said that the Italian star, Monica Bellucci, has the most expensive gold necklace in the world, becoming the third woman after the Mexican artist, Maria Felix and Monica Beluchi, to wear an expensive necklace.

Dubai, Daily Times: - The Palestinian artist, Nisreen Tafesh, and the pictures of the trend gained the attention of her followers after she posted pictures of her on the international photo exchange site, "Instagram", and appeared with a bold look. 44444444444444444 The Palestinian artist, Nisreen Tafesh, born in Syria, appeared with bold looks that showed her beauty and femininity. 44444444444 Nisreen Tafesh relies on soft touches that catch the eye, as she tends to apply earthy colors that highlight her beauty. 5555555555555 Nisreen Tafesh always appears with hairstyles that highlight her features, as she prefers to leave it in a drop-down manner or raise it up, and we accompany you with a group of Nasreen Tafesh's most prominent looks.

Dubai, Daily Times: - The Syrian model of Armenian roots, Nicole Saafan, became more famous after the news spread of her emotional connection with the Egyptian producer, Tarek El-Erian.

Dubai United Arab Emirates:- After attractive views on the international photo exchange site "Instagram", the Egyptian artist, Ruby, took the lead when she published the official poster for her new album "Hata Tania".

This new album marks Ruby's return to the world of singing 14 years after the release of her last album, and a large number of stars supported her in their comments on her Instagram post.

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