Egyptian news vision: - The Lebanese actress, Myriam Klink, returned to stirring up controversy with the video clip "Houto", facing a storm of criticism, whether for the video or for the words that carry sexual impulses.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Vision Egypt News: - After the reconciliation between the Syrian singer Angie Khoury and the Lebanese singer Amar, a plot with one of the parties for five thousand dollars was revealed.

Egyptian News Vision: - Evidence has emerged of a relationship between former US President Bill Clinton and British community lady Gillin Maxwell, who is currently facing charges of sexual exploitation of minors and whom the press has dubbed "Madame Maxwell," relative to a description often given to women who run sexual networks.

Egyptian News Vision: Jada Pinkett-Smith, wife of international American actor Will Smith, denied the statements of young American singer Auguste Anthony Elsina and stressed that it was incorrect.

Egyptian News Vision: - The United Nations issued an official statement expressing its "deep annoyance and shock" after circulating a video clip showing sexual scenes inside one of its official cars, which turned out to be in Israel.

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