Tuesday, 20 October 2020

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Vision Egypt News: - Data technology has become a basic pillar to directly reach the goal, as the effectiveness of opinion polls has ended, and data and the investment of artificial intelligence have become effective tools in determining markets.

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How is plant based food a tech trend?

Vision Egypt News: - The technology giant Microsoft continues to master all aspects of human life, as a person finds himself without the right to choose what to eat, after the artificial intelligence technology, supported by Bill Gates, in the field of food control and the innovation of vegetable meat.

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Wednesday, 14 October 2020 11:37

The new iPhone 12 models carry 5G frequency bands

Vision Egypt News: - The president of the American Apple Group, Tim Cook, said that this is "the beginning of a new era," in describing the stage of unveiling the iPhone 12 models equipped with the fifth generation technology, which came after a year of delay from its two main competitors, the South Korean "Samsung" and the Chinese "Huawei".

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Vision Egypt News: - The development of the media is related to the development of the means of communication and communication between humans and the tools and machines available in each era, as follows: -

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Vision Egypt News: - In 1867, the Swedish scientist Alfred Nobel invented dynamite, and it was intended to be used in the field of mining and road building. However, governments and their successors soon discovered the importance of this substance in the war industries.

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Vision Egypt News: - After the introduction of artificial intelligence to the manufacture of drones, the laws that determine their use will be outdated, and the authorities in any country will not be able to control the use of these types of aircraft that could spy or carry out acts that fall under the law.

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Friday, 09 October 2020 09:36

See Twitter without logging in

Vision Egypt News: - The microblogging site gives Twitter to its visitors the ability to access it without logging in or registering an account, making users able to view millions of posts and news without the need for a subscription.

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Vision Egypt News: - NVIDIA has revealed a suite of AI-powered tools that video calling app developers can take advantage of.

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Vision Egypt News: - In Germany, there is a debate about areas where the use of artificial intelligence could jeopardize health or basic basic rights.

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Vision Egypt News: - Artificial intelligence has achieved tremendous medical success after being trained to diagnose diseases with similar symptoms, especially chest and respiratory diseases such as Covid 19, common pneumonia and lung cancer.

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