Egyptian news vision: Russian media quoted the Defense Ministry as saying that Moscow had successfully test-fired the "Mach 8 Zircon" missile, which has a speed of 9656 kilometers per hour and is designed to protect against air attacks.

The missile was launched from the Sari-Shagan military field, which is located in Kazakhstan, and managed to hit the target in the Barents Sea after a journey of approximately 449 km.

VEN: The US President-elect, Joe Biden, announced the names of the foreign and interior ministers, national security, and intelligence ministers.

Vision Egypt News: - The US Central Command announced the arrival of the B-52H bombers capable of carrying nuclear warheads to the Middle East, where the US military deployed them on a long mission, less than two months before the departure of the outgoing US President Donald Trump.

Vision Egypt News: - A report issued by the Oxford Insights and International Development Research Center, covering about 172 countries.

Vision Egypt News: - US sanctions await all organizations that participate in the boycott campaign of Israel, to cut aid to these organizations, according to what US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said to Netanyahu.

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The assassination of Iranian nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh
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