Thursday, 01 October 2020

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The Vatican did not say everything that was known

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates: Although the secret Vatican archives were closed to investigators due to the outbreak of the new Coronavirus, what appeared to have revealed that the Holy See concealed its testimony about the massacre of the Jews.

Egyptian News Vision: - The Egyptian archaeologist, Zahi Hawas, responded to what was mentioned by the former Egyptian Grand Mufti, Ali Gomaa, in which he said that it was the Prophet of God Idris who started building the pyramids of Giza, and that the statue of Aba El Houl is the embodiment of it.

Egyptian News Vision: - At the summit of the Göttenheim Mountains in Norway, part of the Lendbreen glacier has melted, and for thousands of years, that area has frozen throughout the year, causing a new layer of ice to accumulate every year.

Planets and Moon line up, Earth on an important astronomical date Egyptian news vision, The alignment of the moon with the planets of Saturn, Mars and Jupiter is an important astronomical date that Earth will witness, according to "".

Italy - Federico II University in Naples: - The Mount Vesuvius volcano, in the first century AD, in the year 79 AD, was the fiercest and strongest in Earth's history since birth, and its temperature was sufficient to convert some of the brains of its victims into glass.

North Africa:- The Amazighs celebrate these days by entering the year 2970, and the date for celebrating this holiday varies between the Amazighs between the twelfth and thirteenth of January, and the date varies between Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco.

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