New archaeological discovery in Egypt, King Psamtik I Statue New archaeological discovery in Egypt, King Psamtik I Statue
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New archaeological discovery in Egypt, King Psamtik I Statue

Recent archaeological discovery that Egypt announced it, and swung the experts to be one of the statues, which were found on them, King Ramses II statue, and the statue for the second king of the Second City, the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities has correct information about the first statue.

Egyptian Antiquities Minister Khaled al-Anani, at a news conference, he said: When we extracted the head of the statue noticed shaped crown and facial features, eye and crown wrap around the ear, what led us to not say for sure the identity of the owner of the statue.

He added: "After lifting the top, we found four hieroglyphic letters bearing the title (Neb Amos), meaning the owner of the arm or strong, one of the titles of King Psammetik the first of the twenty-sixth family."

Psammetik first ruled Egypt for 54 years from 664 to 610 BC, is the founder of the Renaissance in Egypt known as "age-Sawi."

Anani said, in front of a large number of foreign diplomats in Egypt, the media, local and international, "despite the fact that the inscription dates back to the king Psammetik First, it can not be stressed also 100% that it is built the statue, possibly the statue was built in an earlier era and Psammetik first restored use it. "

He added: "I will not completely certain of anything, but we will work over the coming days and weeks on research and exploration and lift other parts of the statue; to make absolutely sure of the identity of its owner."

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