Tsunami Banda Aceh Museum tells the stories of the tragedy in Indonesia in Tire
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Tsunami Banda Aceh Museum tells the stories of the tragedy in Indonesia in Tire

The Aceh tsunami is a museum that tells the stories of the tragedy in Indonesia, which took place on Sunday, December 26, 2004, in the province of Aceh in the far north of Indonesia's Sumatra island. Thousands of people died after the waves reached about 30 meters.

The Territory has been reconstructed Some of the effects of the tsunami have been preserved and turned into tourist attractions known to many.

Indonesia has established a beautiful museum to be the source of scientifically documented knowledge for visitors to this beautiful region known for its Islamic privacy and its many laws that apply the teachings of Islam to its tourism programs available to visitors.

The museum contains interactive screens, stereoscopic paintings and a step-by-step presentation to give you a complete picture and explain to you in a scientific way how the disaster happened, and the stories of many survivors.

There is also a hall with the names of those who left in the disaster and hear the recitation of the Holy Quran continuously in that hall, as well as another hall with the flags of all the countries that participated in the ambulance, support, relief and reconstruction.

The museum documents how reconciliation between the province and the Jakarta government took place after the disaster. It is also known that the roof of the museum was designed to be a refuge in the event of a tsunami, where it can accommodate about ten thousand people.

The museum also offers three-dimensional stereoscopic paintings that put the visitor at the center of the event, and how the tsunami, disaster and people's escape came in a very effective way, with waves reaching about 30 meters.

The museum houses many of the remains of the tsunami carried out by people, such as radio and many devices. How was the earthquake affected? And how there were not enough warnings, perhaps because the country was facing earthquakes like this and so he thought he would be like them. Many of the paintings point to a story about how the tide ebbed so fast that it enticed much to enter the fish and then suddenly the wave returned and swallowed them at the same speed.

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