Pharaonic Egypt: The discovery of the tomb of the "gold maker" in Luxor
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Pharaonic Egypt: The discovery of the tomb of the "gold maker" in Luxor

The Egyptian Antiquities Authority said in a statement that the Egyptian archaeological mission in charge of archeological excavations in the area of ​​Abu Naga, on the western bank of Luxor, discovered the tomb of the godmaker Ammon, called "Amenemhat", along with a burial well in the outer courtyard of the cemetery. Three mummies for a lady and her two sons, and a number of crockery.

According to the statement, "the tomb is discovered dating back to the age of the eighteenth (the modern state 1570-1070 BC)".

The cemetery consists of an entrance leading to a semi-square chamber with a text on it containing the name of the owner of the tomb. It has a mud-brick base with a double statue of the owner of the tomb and his wife, among them the remains of a small statue of their son, Nab Nefer.

To the right of the entrance is the main well of the cemetery and lead to a hole with several burials, found inside a collection of coffins, mummies, wooden masks and some small statues.

To the left of the entrance is a hole leading to a well where a set of coffins were found inside, some of which were intentionally burned.

The significance of this cemetery dates back to what was found inside it.

Parts of the limestone offering panel of the tomb, a double sandstone statue of a man named Mah, a merchant of Pharaonic temple, remains of four wooden coffins adorned with hieroglyphics (ancient Egyptian language), and views of various gods were found.

A total of 150 Oshepti statues (small Pharaonic statues buried with the dead) were also found. They were made of lanterns (a kind of ceramics made by the ancient Egyptians), wood, burnt clay and limestone, some of them bearing the name "Bakhinsu" and "Ankh Khonas".

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