Video, King Farouk bedroom for sale

Antiquities of Egypt, King Farouk's bedroom was stolen in September 2013 from the Royal Park in the Egyptian governorate of Giza. Dr. Ayman Abu Hadid, Minister of Agriculture and Land Reclamation, then toured the zoo and discovered during his visit to the royal restroom the disappearance of a room King Farouk sleep and replace it with another room A local industry bought from the shops of Omar Effendi, close to the walls of the garden.

King Farouk's bedroom is now displayed on an American site for sale and presents a complete video of all parts.

The royal rest has been closed since 1986 after he was left by the second minister he and his family were living in. Dr. Naji Shatla, Minister of Supply and Internal Trade. The first minister was Dr. Mahmoud Daoud, the former Minister of Agriculture, where he lived alone without his family, And the Tigers at night and preferred to stay in Alexandria and set up in the period from 1978 until he left the ministry in 1982.

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King Farouk bedroom for sale
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