The story of the discovery of the Egyptian dinosaur MansuraSource Parts of dinosaurs found in Egypt

The story of the discovery of the Egyptian dinosaur MansuraSource

Egyptian researchers from the Mansoura University in the Nile Delta discovered a dinosaur fossil called the Mansurasur Shahini of the Cretaceous period, the first such discovery by scientists from the Middle East.

The discovery highlights a mysterious period of dinosaur history in Africa.

The discovery of the dinosaur fossils was "purely coincidental" in December 2013 when Dr. Hisham Salam, professor of vertebrate research at the Faculty of Science at Mansoura University, took a research team on a trip to the University of the New Valley to lecture and inspect some scout areas in the desert.

After checking for a dinosaur structure, his team ordered the bones to be rebound and not to be recovered until they were back with camping equipment and drilling equipment.

Salam was afraid of repeating what happened with them in early 2013 when they discovered a structure for another dinosaur and were destroyed by unknown in their absence after a week of work believing that the team was excavating traces.

The team returned in March 2014 and stayed in place for 21 days and extracted the bones they found, equivalent to about 65 percent of the structure were parts of the skull Dinosaur and lower jaw and neck and back paragraphs and ribs and shoulder and front and back foot.

Salam said that the lower jaw is the most important piece of the whole structure and proves that the dinosaur had ten teeth, not nine, like most dinosaurs.

"This is Africa's first record of the first dinosaur in the last 30 million years before the extinction of dinosaurs," Salam said.

"It is more like and closer to the dinosaurs in Europe, which proves that there is a kind of land exchange that could only be achieved with a land bridge linking the two continents."

Despite its resemblance to the African elephants, the Manshurian palaces come in size after other relatives in the Titanosaur class, including Argentinusaurus, Drednotus and Patagutan, who lived in South America, as well as African Paraletans, some 30 meters long.

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