Red Wednesday, or the beginning of creation when the Yazidis
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Red Wednesday, or the beginning of creation when the Yezidis, It is called Garmashampa, The New Year's Day for the Yezidi Kurds

The first Wednesday of April falls every year according to the Eastern calendar, which is 13 days from the Western calendar,  It is celebrated by the Yezidis in their places of residence in Syria, Iraq, Turkey, Iran and various parts of Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Russia and many European countries, especially in Germany.

Why was it called Wednesday Red?

According to the Yezidis: On this day the Lord pumped blood into the body of Adam and the flesh was complete on him and the blood was in his body, and he sent life on the planet.

The anemones flourished, so they adorned them and decorated their houses with them, called the flower of Nissan.

According to Yezidi beliefs, God ended the creation of the universe on the first Wednesday of April, So "Red Wednesday" was called Creation Day.

In preparation for the feast day, men and women begin the olive season at the sacred Lalish Temple at the Yazidis on the morning of the feast and light 365 days a year using pure olive oil.

The Yazidis wake up early today and wear their most beautiful clothes and adornments, decorating their homes with anemones and lights.

And sacrificing who has the ability to close any sacrifice, whether sheep or calf or lamb or seriously and the like.

Young women and young people start coloring 12 boiled eggs, coloring every 3 eggs in a color of a season, placed in a dish in the center of the house, and the egg in their belief symbolizes the earth's spherical, egg-laying is a sign of frozen ground, Ice on the face of the earth, the bright colors of white indicate the spring and the beginning of life.

On the Tuesday morning before the feast, people go out to visit the graves of their dead carrying all kinds of fruit and sweets for distribution to children and the poor. It also prevents the plowing of the earth this day, so that nature in turn opens the buds and flowers.

The Yazidis avoid marriage this month because they believe that this will bring gullibility to their lives. The month of April in their belief is the "bride of the year", which is not matched by brides

The Yezidis believe that the "Archangel" was sent by the Lord to the barren land to send life out of water and dust, and the colors flourish on Wednesday, according to their religion.

The Yazidis are considered to be one of the oldest holidays on Earth because the feast is linked to life, fertility and creation

The Red Wednesday is a celebration of four convergent holidays in terms of meaning, according to the Yezidi religion

    Blast the white corn from the cry of the Lord, and be of them dust, water, air and holy fire to start the universe

    Boiling the ground: the quench of the egg, the ground that froze and flourished and was destroyed after the explosion

   The Day of Creation: It is the stage of pumping blood in the first body, Adam, from which life began

  Fertility Day: The fertility of the first egg to reconstitute the first living organism

The fire at the Yezidis is holy because they love the light and move away from darkness, so they light the jellyfish on the day of Eid to spread the light.

They have been accused over the ages of being Yezidis, worshipers of fire by the peoples they have experienced because of their tradition of sanctifying fire.

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