Fascism of the Aghlabids
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Kairouan, the second leg of the program of the Agency for Heritage development and cultural promotion (AMVPPC) and the National Institute of Heritage - Part II - Fascism of the Aghlabids

Tunisia / Kairouan / Awad Salam / Within the framework of the second visit of Tunisian and international media representatives in Tunisia, organized by the Agency for Heritage development and cultural promotion (AMVPPC) and Cultural Development, Which was on April 21, 2018,in cooperation with the National Heritage Institute and under the supervision of the Ministry of Cultural Affairs, Visit the Aghlabid Fascia.

The visit included four important archaeological sites: Fascism of the Aghlabids, the Uqba ibn Nafi Mosque, the Abu Al-Balawi Mosque, the Museum of Civilization and Islamic Arts.

A researcher at the National Institute of Heritage, the regional researcher in Kairouan, d. Jihad Suwaid, was the tour guide for the media delegation.

These visits are part of an agreement between the Ministry of Cultural Affairs of Tunisia and the National Union of Tunisian Journalists.

It was the first visit to the ancient Carthage region.

Fascism of the Aghlabids is a Tunisian landmark

Located in the city of Kairouan

This façade was built in the second half of the ninth century outside the walls of the ancient city of Kairouan by the Aghlabids.

This is considered the most important hydraulic landmark in the history of the Islamic world

Fascism of the Aghlabids was built between 860 and 862 under Aghlabid, specifically Abu Ibrahim ibn al-ghlab, with the aim of building several water wells to supply Kairouan with water.

The size and ingenuity of this façade has led to the naming of travelers visiting Kairouan in the city of reservoirs or deserts.

Originally, this water is fed by rainwater flowing into a river tributary that reaches the valley of night brook through small dams.

In the year 961, the Fatimid caliph al-Mu'izz Ladinullah built an elevated water course that brings water from the source of Shreishera, 40 km away from the city of Kairouan.

The general principle of Fascism of the Aghlabids is based on a small spigot that receives water quantities, then the process of purification, then pass to another spigot, and the second phase of the liquidation, before the process of directing water to the tanks.

The first watershed, with a diameter of 17 meters, is the second bascule of a diameter of about 128 meters, so it is the most prominent and largest water installations in the Islamic world.

The first basin collects about 4 thousand cubic meters of water, the second basin collects about 57 thousand cubic meters of water, each tank collects about one thousand cubic meters of water, meaning that about 60 thousand cubic meters of water are collected in this reservoir.

This façade is more than 1,000 years old and is still in use, one of the state's most important exploits

During the AH 8th century AH, the most important sheikhs of Kairouan, Tunisia, the tomb of Sheikh Ibn Naji, Sidi Hadmani and Sidi Ghaith al-Hakimi were the founders of the city of Kairouan. .

This space, which specialists call the space of ponds, also contains the most important shrines of the most famous scholars of Tunisia and Kairouan.

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