Kairouan, Al-Balawi Mosque
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Kairouan, the second station of the Agency for Heritage development and cultural promotion (AMVPPC) and the National Heritage Institute - Part III - Al-Balawi Mosque

Tunisia / Kairouan / Awad Salam / was the place of Abu Mazma Balawi, the third archaeological sites in the second visit, Which was on April 21, 2018, which is part of the program of successive visits of representatives of the Tunisian and international media adopted in Tunisia, organized by the Agency for Heritage development and cultural promotion (AMVPPC), in cooperation with the National Institute of Heritage, Cultural Affairs, to the city of Kairouan.

The visit included four important archaeological sites: the Aghlabid, the Uqba ibn Nafi Mosque, the Abu Al-Balawi Mosque, the Museum of Civilization and Islamic Arts.

Researcher at the National Institute of Heritage, the regional researcher in Kairouan, d. Jihad Suwaid, was the tour guide for the media delegation.

These visits are part of an agreement between the Ministry of Cultural Affairs of Tunisia and the National Union of Tunisian Journalists.

It was the first visit to the ancient Carthage region.

The famous name of Sayyed Sahbi is the great Companion Abu Zuma'a ibn al-Arqam al-Balawi.

Sidi Sahbi is a Tunisian dialect, derived from the name of the Sahabi.

The sources say that Balawi invaded Africa in 34 years after immigration, in the framework of the Islamic conquest from the east.

He died and his fame was that he had hairs from the hair of the Prophet Muhammad in his turban, and recommended that the burial of his turban be with him.

He was buried in Kairouan and became what is known as the Balawi cemetery.

This effect dates back to the seventeenth century

However, there was no dome above the mausoleum, according to sources, that in the fourteenth century there was an open dome on both sides

With the Ottoman period in the late 17th century, Hamouda Pasha al-Muradi built a school, and Muhammad ibn Murad completed construction of all the facilities at the shrine.

A storehouse was built, collecting proceeds from donations, donations, gifts and visitors' gifts.

There is usually in Kairouan that the girl presents the first carpet she makes to the place, in honor of the companions.

As is well known, every city in Tunisia has a protector, such as the city of Tunis, protected by the Sultan of Medina, Sidi Mehrez, and in Kairouan there is Sidi Sahbi.

There is a special room for bacha, a place for the pay-in-the-pocket, when it comes to work, and then became a guest house for the establishment of visitors dignitaries.

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