9 of the Ten Commandments, how sold a Palestinian Jew? It is likely that the board was hung on one of the synagogues (synagogues) Antique or in an old house for a Jewish citizens in the era of the Romanian Empire.

9 of the Ten Commandments, how sold a Palestinian Jew?

Marble slab, weighing about 54 kg, is considered the oldest inscription of the Ten Commandments of the Torah known Samaritan line in addition to the tenth commandment to worship God on Mount Gerizim sacred to Jews Samaritans in Nablus in the West Bank.

This inscription was discovered by extending the railway from Arabic by Palestinian workers, in 1913 the courtyard to keep him home for nearly 30 years, until discovered in the forties of the last century and then sell to a Jew in America.

Archaeologist acquired by the board in 1943 and remained in his possession until his death in 2000. He was able museum director, Rabbi Deutch acquisition board for an interim period through an agreement with the Israeli Antiquities Authority then bought then immediately after the legal settlement.

Dar "Heritage" for auction in Beverly Hills in the United States announced the sale at public auction to be the starting price for the auction of 250 thousand dollars for this stone board, which the current owner points out that it is not the original.

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