About the massacre of the Jews and the Holy See

May 01, 2020
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The Vatican did not say everything that was known

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates: Although the secret Vatican archives were closed to investigators due to the outbreak of the new Coronavirus, what appeared to have revealed that the Holy See concealed its testimony about the massacre of the Jews.

Over the years, Pope XII defended Pope Vatican and said that he worked for the Jewish people, and in 1999, the Vatican agreed to appoint a group of historians jointly with Jews and Catholics to examine the position of reconciliation with Jews during the Holocaust.

To this end, the Vatican provided various documents to the team, but the archive was not fully disclosed, and its period spanned from 1939 to 1958.

The archive explained that the church knew much more than it had even admitted, and it appears that it intentionally concealed documents that might further harm the image of the church in the face of the Holocaust.

The German magazine "Die Zeit" published a document, which is a letter from the United States to the Vatican, on September 27, 1942, which includes a detailed report on the mass murder of Jews throughout occupied Poland.

The report was sent a month ago from the offices of the Jewish Agency in Geneva to the United States.

The Americans, in turn, passed it on to the Vatican through Meron Charles Taylor, the President's envoy to Pope Pius XII.

German historians have found evidence that the Pope personally reviewed this report on the day it was received.

On September 18, 1942, nine days before receiving the letter from the United States, the Vatican received a similar report from an Italian businessman who visited Poland and upon his return, he went to Giovanni Montini, the Pope's assistant, and then became the Pope of Vatican Paul VI, on the horrific and horrific massacres, and the slaughter Terrible "day-to-day, in Poland.

The Pope was not in a hurry to respond to the American request, who asked to hear his position based on the information.

On October 1, a request was received again from the United States, after which Montini wrote in internal documents that an answer should be prepared for the Americans, stating that the Holy See "heard about the cruel treatment of the Jews", but was unable to assess the accuracy of this information.

With these words, the Vatican sent the answer to the United States on October 10, 1942. In addition to the fact that the Holy See did not publicly condemn deportations to extermination camps, however, in 1944, the Pope sent a telegram to the Hungarian ruler requesting that the deportation of Jews be stopped, resulting in the Pope's envoy in Hungary, Angelo Rota, receiving the Medal of the Righteous among the nations before. Yad Vashem Holocaust Victory Center in Jerusalem.

The research project is expected to take several years, due to the huge amount of material containing millions of pages.

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