Dubai, Daily Times: - The French judiciary issued a three-year prison sentence against the former president, Nicolas Sarkozy, with three years in prison, two of which were suspended, after he was convicted of corruption charges, while the world prosecutor had demanded a punishment of 4 years in prison.

Dubai, Daily Times: - Spanish forces arrested former Barcelona club president Josep Maria Bartomeu at his home.

Dubai, Daily Times: - The President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, announced that she will present a legislative proposal to adopt a digital passport for vaccination against "Covid-19", allowing Europeans to travel more freely during the height of the summer vacation period.

Dubai, Daily Times: - The US Space Agency (NASA) said that a 680-meter-wide asteroid will pass along Earth on Tuesday, March 2, 2021, at a distance of 1.8 million miles.

Dubai, Daily Times: - A Jordanian girl became hysterical and started screaming and smashing in the windshields of cars parked in the street, and the police managed to arrest her.

Dubai, Daily Times: - Health experts have expressed their concern about the health of Pope Francis in light of the Corona virus pandemic that is sweeping Iraq, especially that a great popularity will be found in his reception during his upcoming visit there.

Dubai, Daily Times: - The Canadian authorities decided to deport the Egyptian actress, Safaa Maghribi, and considered her dead, and that she was just a girl impersonating the artist, according to what she said on her Facebook account.


Dubai, Daily Times: - After the success of satellites in predicting the Qi cholera epidemic before it happened, researchers at the European Space Agency expressed their expectations that they would be able to detect early epidemics.

Dubai, Daily Times: - The Saudis have shown solidarity with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in the face of the US intelligence report on the killing of Jamal Khashoggi inside the Saudi Consulate in Turkey.


Dubai, Daily Times: - Aurora Kankcha, the candidate for the position of Secretary-General of the United Nations, is 34 years old, and she is the only contestant so far for the current Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres.

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Three years in prison for the former president, Nicolas Sarkozy

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