Dubai United Arab Emirates:- The Egyptian artist Alaa Wali El-Din died in 2002, leaving the mother of his fans and the artistic community in general, and was buried in the cemeteries of Nasr City, which is a personal grave for him and his brother Khaled and his mother, but the family graves are in the Sayyida Aisha area.

Dubai United Arab Emirates:- Defendant Edward Seleznev, who is 51 years old, confessed before a Russian court that he killed three of his friends and ate their flesh in 2017 and was described as a "cannibal", confirming that he stabbed his friends, aged between 59, 43 and 34 years old, to death while they were in Drunk, before they boil their bodies and eat their cooked leftovers.

Dubai United Arab Emirates:- Christina Ozturk, a 23-year-old Russian girl, set a record of childbearing, as she became the mother of 11 children of whom she had only one child from her husband, millionaire Galip Ozturk, who owns a hotel, after she got a new child, in the coastal city of Batumi In the former Soviet Republic of Georgia, where the practice of "surrogacy or surrogacy" is legal.

DAKAR, Senegal, PARIS, BERLIN & SAN FRANCISCO- Today, Partech Africa publishes its annual report on VC Funding for African Startups. It appears that, in the middle of the global pandemic, the African tech ecosystem is still growing fast, with more deals closed, and is getting a boost from the accelerated digitalization of foundational economic sectors.

Dubai United Arab Emirates:- Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov announced that his country does not want to be isolated from the world, but will not accept any European sanctions such as those affecting sensitive sectors, but he denied that Moscow is afraid to cut its relations with the European Union.

Dubai United Arab Emirates:- Several explosions occurred in a private fireworks factory in southern India, killing at least 11 workers and wounding 34 others, in Verodunagar district, Tamil Nadu state, and they were taken to a nearby hospital for treatment.

Dubai United Arab Emirates:- The administration of the Jewish National Fund (Permanent Fund of Israel - Kern Kimet) intends to expand its activities to promote the settlement project in the West Bank, in a radical change of the policies of the institution that formed the cornerstone of the Jewish settlement project, since its establishment in 1901.

Dubai United Arab Emirates:- Dubai aims to make all services available on smart phones in order to improve the lives of all members of society, and in this context, the Gulf emirate opened the first coffee shop that depends entirely on robots equipped with artificial intelligence.

Dubai United Arab Emirates:- CGTN Arabic, which sheds light on Chinese culture and publishes it in the Arab world, broadcast a video clip of two Chinese girls embodying a scene from the play "Watch What Makes No Need" by Egyptian artist Adel Imam.

The scene was spread on social media, especially as the Chinese accent in using the scene's words in Arabic and her attempts to imitate Adel Imam's performance.

Dubai United Arab Emirates:- After the owner of the "Beitar Jerusalem" club, Moshe Hajij, faced a violent reaction from the extreme right-wing public in Israel known for its hostility to the Arabs, the Israeli Football Association’s Rights Transfer Committee announced the withdrawal of the team’s ownership request to Emirati businessman Hamad bin Khalifa Al Nahyan.

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