Dubai United Arab Emirates:- Feeling chills, loss of appetite, headache, and muscle pain, may be a strong indication of infection with the Corona virus, and new symptoms include heat, persistent coughing, loss of sense of smell and taste, or one of them, according to a study conducted by the "Imperial College London" center.

Dubai United Arab Emirates:- Thomas Cominda, a young Polish man, received compensation of 217 thousand dollars for damages caused to him as a result of imprisonment, during which he tried to commit suicide 3 times, and the court granted him two-thirds of the required amount.

Cairo- Manal Khaled's feature debut Trapped will have its world premiere within the Global section at the South By Southwest Festival (March 16-20), marking the first Egyptian film to participate in the American festival in ten years.

Dubai United Arab Emirates:- Actress Ibtisam Hamid, nicknamed the singer Basma al-Kuwaiti, said that she had converted from Islam and converted to Judaism, during a video she posted on social media.

Dubai United Arab Emirates:- German police found the body of 25-year-old model Kasia Leinhardt, the ex-girlfriend of German defender Jerome Boateng, one week after their separation, after a 15-month affair.

Dubai United Arab Emirates:- The former Emir of the Islamic Group in Egypt was thirty years old when he participated in one of the bloody operations carried out by the Muslim Brotherhood, which is the assassination of the former Egyptian President, Muhammad Anwar Sadat, during a military purpose on the occasion of the October War, which was the largest victory over Israel.

 Egyptian young actress Jamila Awad will star in three upcoming projects that are slated to release in 2021. These include: Harb Ahleya (a working title) alongside superstar Youssra that is slated to premiere in Ramadan this year. The series is directed by Sameh Abdelaziz, written by Ahmed Adel and produced by El Adl Group.

Dubai United Arab Emirates:- A Moroccan artist named Sanaa Mohamed, residing in Kuwait, has been subjected to death threats due to a joint duet collected by the Israeli artist of Moroccan origin, Elkana Marziano.

Dubai United Arab Emirates:- Iran admitted that its armed forces were complicit in the assassination of the nuclear scientist, Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, according to what the Iranian Minister of Security and Intelligence, Mahmoud Alawi, said during his interview on Iranian television.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates: - The Egyptian actress, Hala Shiha, married the preacher Moez Masoud, and her followers shared a group of photos with her followers on the photo and video exchange application, Instagram.

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