Dubai, United Arab Emirates: - Fatty liver disease is associated with a group of health conditions, such as obesity and high blood pressure, and it begins in several stages, and symptoms are often associated with the advanced stage, and most people with mild fatty liver disease do not notice any symptoms.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates: - The pursuit of a car thief in Israel revealed that it was easy to storm one of the largest Israeli military bases, and its area equivalent to the size of the city of Tel Aviv.

Official University of Southern California / RT website: Researchers at the College of Engineering at the University of Southern California (USC) have devised a method supported by artificial intelligence, to produce a new vaccine against "Covid-19" within minutes or even seconds.

Dubai United Arab Emirates:- China seeks to control 1.4 billion citizens by continuously monitoring their movements, as people are tracked through a huge network of street cameras, facial recognition technologies, biometric data, official records, and artificial intelligence, as well as monitoring online activities, such as ordinary things like shopping and meal ordering habits. Ready-made.

Dubai United Arab Emirates:- Chinese President Xi Jinping paid an official visit to a laboratory at the University of Manchester in 2004, where a group of researchers extracted graphene, which is thinner and lighter, conducts heat and absorbs light, which is 200 times stronger than steel.

Dubai United Arab Emirates:- Although the United States has weapons similar to the "Star Wars" under development, General John E. Hayton, commander of the US Strategic Command, told a Senate committee three years ago that Chinese weapons were "directed against us."

Dubai United Arab Emirates:- After predicting the Corona virus before its appearance, and despite what was said about his involvement in this global pandemic, the billionaire, founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates, has returned to warn humanity again.

Dubai United Arab Emirates:- A secret textile industrial unit located in an underground garage in a residential villa in the Moroccan city of Tangiers witnessed a terrible accident in which 24 people were killed.

Cairo- Short Saudi film Silah by director Hussam Alhulwah is slated to land its international premiere at Tampere Film Festival in Finland (March 10-15). The film has previously landed its world premiere at Saudi Film Festival, where it won Golden Palm for Best Director Award.

Dubai United Arab Emirates:- A glacier collapsed in the Himalayas in northern India, dredging a dam to generate hydroelectric power, and the floods evacuated villages downstream.

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Le Bureau d'investissement d'Abu Dhabi (ADIO) signe des accords de coopération avec des agences gouvernementales en…
The Abu Dhabi Investment Office (ADIO) signs cooperation agreements with government agencies in Israel
La Oficina de Inversiones de Abu Dhabi (ADIO) firma acuerdos de cooperación con agencias gubernamentales en Israel
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