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Millions of years later, he unraveled the moving rock, in California's Death Valley Millions of years later, he unraveled the moving rock, in California's Death Valley

Millions of years later, he unraveled the moving rock, in California's Death Valley

The environmental phenomenon that baffled geologists, the moving rocks in the Valley of Death, California, millions of years ago, in the dry area of ​​Lake Raystrak Playa, crosses the desert and crosses long paths without human or animal interference, despite its weight.

Previous interpretations of this environmental phenomenon suggested that the cause might be ice, wind, or even bacteria, but geologists who have studied moving rock tracks believe, now, that they have spotted one of these paths on fossils of well-preserved dinosaur footprints that are more than 200 million years old. Year.

And a fossil scientist at Columbia University, named Paul Olsen, and his team revealed the results of their research during a 2019 meeting of the American Geophysical Union, about the long path that could be seen between the footprints of dinosaurs, which had not been focused on before.

The path between the footprints of dinosaurs, such as a "stain", appears on an artifact displayed since 1896, according to the British newspaper.

The researchers studied how the stones moved and moved between the footprints of dinosaurs, and they discussed that their findings might be evidence of a short freezing period in the early Jurassic period.

And what the scholars have come up with is consistent with the theory that: stones move from one place to another when ice is formed in the area where those rocks or stones are located.

According to theory: there is a belief that the stones move through the ice as it melts, which creates a path in the mud that dries up and becomes solid later when the water evaporates.

The scientists concluded that the theory of movement of rocks and ice is the most likely, because the details preserved in the fingerprint of dinosaurs were not complicated if the reason was microbes, winds, or otherwise.

The path found in the fossil footprints of the dinosaurs looks very similar to the moving rock tracks of the Dry Racetrack Playa region.

And if researchers are right, it also means that they have found evidence of severe climate change or strange weather occurring millions of years ago, and linked this to a mass extinction resulting from volcanic activity believed to have occurred 201.3 million years ago.


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