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Nigeria could win the African Nations Championship

Sunday, 09 January 2022
AI predicts Nigeria or Morocco will win the African Nations Cup AI predicts Nigeria or Morocco will win the African Nations Cup

International vision: The Opta website said that Nigeria may win the African Nations Championship, which begins today, January 9, 2022, explaining that the percentage of these expectations is 14.79%.

The Opta website relies on artificial intelligence analyzes and forecasts, as it is expected that Morocco is in second place with 14.77%.

The artificial intelligence relied on the statistics and figures of the sports teams participating in the tournament, the results achieved by each team in the recent period, and the qualifying stage for the African Nations.

As for the chances of the Egyptian team, it was within 12.93 percent, that is, in third place before Senegal, whose expectations reached 12.23.

The Ivory Coast team is in fifth place with 8.27, ahead of Algeria and Tunisia, which have chances with 8.15 and 7.88, respectively.

The rest of the teams ranked in the first 10 places as follows: "Ghana 7.31, Mali 3.26, Cameroon 2.87".

As for the chances of the rest of the Arab teams, the Mauritanian team lost 15th place, and Sudan ranked 22nd.

The following are Opta's predictions for statistics and figures about the chances of the teams winning the African Cup, in Cameroon:

  • Nigeria national team (14.79%)
  • Morocco national team (14.77%)
  • Egypt national team (12.93%)
  • Senegal (12.23%)
  • Côte d'Ivoire, "Ivory Coast" (8.27%)
  • Algeria national team (8.15%)
  • Tunisia national team (7.88%)
  • Ghana national team (7.31%)
  • Mali national team (3.26%)
  • Cameroon national team (2.87%).