Sweden ranked first in Sweden ranked first in
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The best countries for immigration by US News and World Report

According to the US News and World Report, Sweden ranked first, followed by Canada in second place, and Switzerland third.

A survey of 21,000 people from around the world covered the situation in 80 countries in 2017, according to the ranking, ranking the top 10 countries for migrants:


2. Canada


4. Australia

5. Germany

6. Norway

7. United States

8. Austria

9. Finland


The UAE ranked 15th, followed by Qatar (23), Israel (28), Oman (30), Saudi Arabia (33), Bahrain (37), Turkey (42) (58), Egypt (64th), Algeria (67th), and finally Iran ranked 69th.

India, Peru, Burma, Pakistan, Ghana, Tanzania, Tunisia, Guatemala and Kenya.

Most received

According to United Nations figures and figures published in 2015, the best countries for migrants are not necessarily the most welcome, as the United States remains the leader in this regard. This is a list of the countries most visited by migrants:

1. United States

2. Germany


4-Saudi Arabia

5. United Kingdom



8. France

9. Australia


For the 10 most heavily trafficked countries, India ranked first, followed by Mexico, Russia, China, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Ukraine, the Philippines, Syria and the United Kingdom.

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