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Indian filmmaker Saman Ghosh defies censorship and launches his film, The Indian Debate

Indian filmmaker Saman Ghosh defied censorship and released the movie "Indian Debate" after being banned for the word "cow" and broadcast the movie's promotional advertisement on the Internet.

"Indian Debugger" is a documentary about India's Nobel laureate economist Oumorto Chen.

Ghosh said he had decided to broadcast the movie's promotion on the Internet because censorship had refused to allow it because it wanted to cut off some words from it.

Indian censorship objected to the film because it contained words such as "cow", a sacred animal in the Hindu religion, "Hindu India, and" Gujarat ".

Promotional advertising does not contain these words.

Director Saman Ghosh is a prominent and articulate critic of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Mudi.

In propaganda, Ghosh discusses Shen, the Hindu attacks on Muslims in 2002 in the state of Gujarat, whose first minister was then Narendra Modi.

Critics of the decision to ban the film say an attempt to muzzle any opposition to the Indian government.

Criticism of the Hindu nationalist government is also being made because it has not done enough to prevent attacks against the Muslim minority, which is accused of slaughtering, slaughtering, and eating cows.

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