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T Take-off

20 visits to Japan to smuggle Carlos Ghosn The big box was transported to the plane without being subject to customs inspection.

20 visits to Japan to smuggle Carlos Ghosn

The way the former Nissan and Renault chief Carlos Ghosn escaped from Japan and his arrival in Beirut is still fraught with mystery, but there are media outlets that are slowly becoming more important.

There were many theories and assumptions about how Ghosn escaped from Japan, and about the parties or parties that helped him in the process of escape, which is similar to movies.

A private Bombardier plane, owned by a private Turkish airline, has carried a branch from Japan to Turkey, and from there to Lebanon.

The media covered the main role that two accompanying Ghosn played on his trip from Japan to Turkey, especially the American Michael Taylor.

The New York Times said that Lebanese citizens played the role of mediator in ordering Taylor to arrange the escape of Ghosn from Japan to Lebanon.

Japanese media say that among the steps Taylor took during the phases of Ghosn’s departure from Japan, he boarded a high-speed train from the capital Tokyo to Osaka, which is about 500 km away.

There, he boarded a private plane waiting for him at the city's airport, which is not subject to strict inspection procedures, taking a branch with him after he put it inside a large box used to transport musical instruments.

The plane arrived in Turkey, and there Ghosn was transferred to another plane waiting for him on the runway, and then he flew to Beirut.

Turkish media quoted the director of operations for the MNG airline from which the planes were chartered, Okan Kusman, that he had helped smuggle a branch without knowing who it was. Kusman has been arrested by Turkish authorities for smuggling people.

He told the authorities concerned that one of his longtime acquaintances in Lebanon called him and asked him to help in a case "of international importance" and that his family would be in danger if he refused the request.

"I was afraid," Cosman said in his testimony to the police.

"I took a man from one plane and put him on another plane at the airport. I didn't know who he was."

Several media outlets said that planning the process of removing Ghosn from Japan took several months, and that the team traveled to Japan more than twenty times, and conducted reconnaissance operations for more than ten Japanese airports, until it was able to find a security vulnerability at Osaka Airport that could be used to take out Ghosn from Japan.

In the capital, Tokyo, he left the apartment where he was being held under house arrest. He met two people at a hotel in Tokyo, and the three took a fast train to Osaka, after wearing a bough and a face mask.

The three entered a hotel close to the airport, and there a branch was placed in a large box used for transporting giant megaphones.

Holes are made at the bottom of the box to help Bough breathe.

The Japanese authorities say that the photos of the surveillance cameras in the hotel show only two people exiting the hotel in the evening with two large boxes. The big box was transported to the plane without being subject to customs inspection.

The plane took off and flew for 12 hours continuously through Russian airspace, avoiding the Korean, Chinese, Mongolian and Kazakh airspace to the maximum, until it reached Ataturk Airport in Istanbul.

In order to avoid suspicion, the plane was replaced there as a branch was transferred to another plane of the Turkish company and took off 45 minutes after the arrival of the first and transferred to Beirut airport, without escorting Taylor Ghosn from Istanbul to Beirut.

Turkish media said that the box where it was believed that Ghosn was hidden was found inside the plane.


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