SSSS If you find this on the plane ticket, you know ....? SSSS If you find this on the plane ticket, you know ....?
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SSSS If you find this on the plane ticket, you know ....?

According to the US Air Transport Security Administration, passengers are identified on a low to high risk basis before arriving at the airport by matching their names with trusted passenger lists and checklists.

Therefore, airlines deliberately print some characters on tickets for some travelers for security reasons. The most prominent of these characters is SSSS, which means that the memory holder will be subject to strict inspection of airport security, either based on random choices or pre-lists.

The SSSS indicates that the ticket holder may be subject to additional scrutiny, which means that his name is on a select list of highly rated passengers.

These letters have been added by the United States Air Transport Security Administration for aircraft that use the US space on their flights and appear to be limited to security precautions.

These characters appear on suspicious passenger tickets. They can not print their boarding passes at home or travel companies, and they should check the airport section for them.

Those who appear on their tickets should not have too much fear; because they will often be allowed to board the plane, but after checking their baggage carefully, often by hand.

The four SSSS characters also appear on single-way tickets, those who pay for them in cash, or who suffer from contagious diseases that pose a threat to public health.

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