the Egyptian announcer Duaa Salah the Egyptian announcer Duaa Salah
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(Single mother) cause the imprisonment of the Egyptian announcer Duaa Salah 3 years

An Egyptian court sentenced the presenter Duaa Salah to three years in prison after being charged with inciting adultery, committing an act of shame, and working to destroy the values ​​of society.

Dua Salah provoked controversy after appearing with a "swollen belly" in the episode "Single Mother" on July 28, 2017, where she hosted a number of clergy to find out what they thought of the "single mother" idea.

Egyptian media reported that the court ordered the announcer to pray Salah to pay a bail and a temporary civil compensation of 10,000 pounds.

At the time, the Egyptian Media Syndicate decided to stop the media with Al-Nahar TV channel, Duaa Salah, for 3 months for appearing in her "Dodo Shaw" program in inappropriate clothes, as if she were pregnant.

The media had announced during that episode that a woman could be a "single mother" and that her father and mother would become at the same time, by agreeing with a man for the purpose of pregnancy only, once they had been paid and separated.

The union considered this invitation an ethical and professional violation of the unethical and strange ideas of our society that destroy and destroy the Egyptian family.

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