What is the Rocky Mountain treasure story? What is the Rocky Mountain treasure story?
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What is the Rocky Mountain treasure story?

According to the Business Insider website, in 2010, American millionaire and art dealer Forest Finn, 86, put a quantity of gold, jewelry and gold coins in a bronze box and traveled to the Rocky Mountains where the fund was hidden.

 Since 2010 thousands have traveled to the Rockies to seek treasure, but no one has been found, and three people have died during the search, according to NPR.

"I'm not surprised that no one has found the treasure, and no one will find it before they read the keys to finding it," says Pennsense Insider.

The treasure lies in the Rocky Mountains of four states: New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana. Finn has put together a map of the four states and some references to the treasure site in two of his books, "Erotic stalking" and "walking too much".

Finn advises those interested in the research to "start where the warm water stops", a phrase that appears in a poem in one of the books, and includes nine references to the treasure site.

"Read the references in my poem over and over again, study the Rocky Mountain maps, and then try to pair the poem with the Rocky Mountain map. The treasure is there waiting for the person who can decipher the written lines and step into the right place."

"People are distracted by what is going on in the world around them," Vin says. "I want them to spend an hour a day thinking about their lives, what they want, what they achieved, how they recover themselves and their scattered selves. Wild chance to do it. "

"I want to give the children of families something to think about," Finn says. "I want to give the children of the families something to think about. , They are busy with electronic video games, and no longer talking to parents, searching for treasure is an opportunity for a family trip enjoyable.

According to Business Insider, some people think that the treasure story is a trick made by Finn. "It's funny in these people that they think they know exactly where the treasure was hidden, and when they get there they can not find it; That someone has already been found, or a hoax, and ironically that most of them are still looking. "

"He has lived a life of adventure since he was a pilot in the Vietnam War; he even left aviation and was given up to trade in antiques and the arts. In 1988, he developed cancer," says Finn. In the kidney, and was shocked, and went on a trip to the Rocky Mountains thinking that he would die there; but he returned and the treatment of cancer came with amazing results, and lived and returned to hope in life; thinking of something that gives people hope, , "Finn": "The idea collapsed because of his concern until the economic crisis that hit America in 2008, the idea returned to him, and indeed n In 2010, he wanted to give people hope. "

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