The prime minister stands beside one million euros at a table The prime minister stands beside one million euros at a table
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The Prime Minister of Slovakia is offering € 1 million to those who provide him with this information

The Prime Minister of Slovakia, Robert Fitzo, offered € 1 million to reward information for the murder of an investigative reporter and his fiancé who had revealed the involvement of the Vetsu adviser in the investigation of corruption.

Vetsu denied being a senior adviser to the Italian mafia after the killing of 27-year-old journalist Dan Kushiyak and his fiancée Martina Kosnirova.

The prime minister was standing next to one million euros on a table he said he was prepared to provide in exchange for information on the journalist's death

"You are linking innocent people to a double crime," he said. This goes beyond the limits. "

The death of Kushayak and his fiancée is believed to be related to his work on that issue. According to the newspaper "Independent" British

The newspaper, which was the work of the journalist "Aktoyalty Slovakia", published his story unfinished.

The article outlines the conclusions of the scornful journalist about the mafia dealings in Slovakia and the alleged working relations with a senior government adviser, Maria Troskova.

The journalist gave examples of suspicious acts, involving extortion, money laundering and tax fraud.

In the story, Kushayk writes about alleged links to a man from the Italian mafia with Troskova and with the Slovak Security Council Secretary Viliam Gassan.

Police chief Tabor Kaspar said the killing was likely to be linked to Cushic's work. The authorities investigated 20 people, contacted the Czech Republic and Italy on the investigation, and Europol provided assistance.

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