The bodies of the daughter of Turkish businessman Mina Basharan and her seven friends after their plane crashed
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In pictures, the bodies of the son of Turkish businessman Hussein Basharan and seven of her friends were evacuated

Iranian news agency Fars published photographs of the bodies of the daughter of Turkish businessman Mina Basharan and her seven friends after the crash of their plane. They were the proceeds from Dubai, where they held a farewell farewell party, with her wedding scheduled for next month.

Turkish media published pictures of Mina Basharan, the daughter of the wealthy Turkish woman and her fiancée, whose wedding was scheduled for next month (April 2018).

The Turkish plane, a 'Bombardier 30', made in Canada, was coming from the Emirates en route to Turkey.

Iranian authorities found the black box of the crashed Turkish plane that crashed on the heights of the city of Shahr Kurd, southwest Iran, after hitting a mountain.

According to the Turkish channel '7' that the commander of the Turkish plane hit "Queen of the force," has asked to reduce the height of the last contact before the fall of the plane.

After the pilot asked for the landing and lowered altitude, communication with the watchtower was cut off, and it appeared that a technical problem had happened to the plane or that it had hit something, the channel said.

Mena published a picture of her seven friends, as well as the pilots and the hostess, with signs of happiness on their faces.

Mina had posted on her account at the Instagram site on Sunday, a picture of her with her seven friends, while they were in Dubai's luxurious One & Only Royal Mirage hotel.

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