Nasser Al-Duwani Nasser Al-Duwani
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Dubai: Palestinian businessman assassin Nasser Duani arrested

Dubai police have been able to identify and arrest the murderer of Palestinian businessman Nasser Duani.

Nasser Al-Duwani is a well-known businessman and resides most of the time in the United States and the city of Nablus.

The Dubai police received a letter from the nephew of the businessman stating that he had lost contact with him while he was in the country.

The search and investigation teams were able to identify the location of the businessman, who was found to be staying in a hotel in the emirate.

Criminal experts, technicians and biologists of criminal evidence were summoned to Dubai Police. Upon examining the scene, the forensic doctor admitted that he was beaten on the head by a "wheelbarrow" in his room and that he had been dead for about 48 hours.

The perpetrator was identified and identified as a 25-year-old Arab visitor who accompanied the businessman to his hotel room. Field teams were able to locate the perpetrator's residence and were arrested.

The offender admitted that he had accompanied the businessman to his hotel room and that he had thought of stealing his wallet by beating him on the head with a wooden plank of the wardrobe and, having confirmed his loss of consciousness, fled the scene.

The offender admitted that he took the bank card from the businessman and then gave it to a resident Arab man. He was arrested, seized with the stolen bank card and part of the amount withdrawn from the ATMs.

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